• Hi, I am Anaïs. It's REALLY nice to meet you.

    A page like this usually starts with a sentence that defines who I am and what I do, by dropping a cool-sounding job title and mission statement... blah blah.


    Instead I'd love to share my truth with you. As if you were sitting right here, munching grapes and dark chocolate with me in my living room, rather than somewhere in the world on the other side of a screen.


    There is a comfortable silence.


    Then I sigh and say:


    The way most of us do business is weird, don't you think?



    We yearn for human connection yet we keep our professional masks firmly put.

    We want to love our work but keep telling ourselves that "work is hard".

    We desire to make a difference but believe that "you can't earn money with that".


    How weird is that!


    We have a deep talk about where all this comes from.


    Inevitable childhood conditioning, ancestral garbage passed down to us, crappy school systems that make us believe we will succeed if we always do as we are told, societal pressures, existential fear, businesses built on outdated assumptions, fear of standing out, fear of our own brilliance....



    We come to the same conclusion:

    We shape our own business reality.


    What would you like yours to look like?


  • I am on a mission to infuse business with authenticity and fun, bringing together money and meaning.

  • How?

    By dropping our masks and showing others that it's worth it.
    By daring to challenge the business status quo.

    By creating new structures that are in alignment with what we truly desire, not with what we think we should want or do or not do.


    The side effects are many:


    Strangers know you and love you instantly.

    Communication feels right because you speak your truth (the only thing you can really do sustainably).

    It is easy to say yes (and no thank you) because you are guided by purpose, not the status quo.

    You are bound to do things differently... unboringly. And unboring business means unboring results.


    Here are my current projects...


  • Let's Work Magic

    A project dedicated to the feminine business principle. The Work Magic Method helps digital nomads and creators of all walks of life to go through a business manifestation process that feels good. We run international retreats and design workshops for both hideaway resorts and high heeled corporate settings.

    Bullshit Elimination

    A slightly naughty blog for entrepreneurs who want to do things differently.


    My empty canvas for all the pretty things that happen when you get rid of self-imposed business expectations. A place to avoid if you do not appreciate humour.

    The Do School

    I am an external expert for The Do School, a Berlin-based experiential learning platform for good business. I mentor social entrepreneurs and design and facilitate innovative training programmes for these great people.

  • What in heavens led you to where you are today?

    Here is the story.

    I grew up as part of a globetrotting family...

    ... with a diplomatic dad, a magic mom and an artistic sister. We moved every two to three years, from Caracas to Bonn, Bangkok, Amman, Madrid and Berlin (<--- explains the overall gypsyness and why I feel at home at airports). While it can be tough to have to leave everything behind so often, we had the privilege of dipping into amazing cultures and getting to know beautiful places and people. 

    My upbringing was etiquette on the outside, creative connection on the inside.

    My sister and I displayed perfect manners and knew how to fancy talk at official receptions. We also learned Reiki-I at ages 8 and 9 and I became a Facial Harmony practitioner when I was 17. 



    When I finished high school I was confused.

    I did not know where to live and I had no clue what to do.


    I felt as though I had to choose between a business life (safety, structure, money) and a holistic one (meaning, creativity, healing). Both had major downsides ("would you rather suffer from burnout or be broke most of the time?"). 

    I ended up choosing the conventional path first.

    I moved to The Hague to study hospitality management. I love the industry for its international flair and yumminess, but there was always something missing.


    Soul, intuition, freedom, meaning and traveling on my own terms. I also spent too many hours in uncomfortable high heels.

    A few moves later...

    (The Hague - Barcelona – The Hague – Cairo) after being part of a five-star hotel opening team, I gathered my courage and said no to a great job offer (the Egyptian revolution fired things up too). 


    I was ready to question the way we do business and try something else. Ready bring together those seemingly disparate parts in me.

    I took the entrepreneurial plunge in 2011.

    I became a personal branding consultant and made all the early entrepreneurial mistakes possible (driven by all these fears from "you are too young" to "you must always be professional and try to impress people").


    I used my own imperfect work in progress to fuel my motivation and develop feminine methodologies for business that feels good. I did a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour on the side (thesis topic: the isolation of online entrepreneurs)


    Today I have the honour of working with incredible people, from international digital nomads, to corporations like H&M Spain & Portugal.

  • An open book


    Human Design: Manifesting Generator 6/3

    Strengths Finder: Activator, Positivity, Communication, Strategic, Individualization

    Fascination Advantages: Passion & Power

    Soulfully Positive

    (If you love to struggle we won't get along)



    (I find the right words for a microphone-soul connection)


    (Fun wrapping with a deeply transformative core) 

  • The Official Bio (aka the strange place where I write about myself in 3rd person)

    Anaïs Bock is a brand strategist and speaker who works with creative (and pretty mindful) business owners to bridge the gap between authenticity and success. She is the founder of the popular blog Bullshit Elimination, where passionpreneurs (=passionate entrepreneurs) learn to implement business and communication structures with soul, revolutionising 'business as usual'.


    Anaïs has an international track record, having moved 15 times and lived in 7 countries. She is a certified image and personal branding consultant (London Image Institute), holds a Master of Science in Organizational Behaviour (Birkbeck University of London) and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management of one of the Leading Hotelschools of the World.



    She effortlessly threads together her global work experience in training, marketing and PR at luxury five star hotels with a commitment to doing business differently. Her approach is refreshing, holistic and applicable in both the board room and barefoot on the beach.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are you based?


    I am currently based in Berlin, Germany and happily combine travel with work and sunshine supply.


    My frequent hotspots are Madrid, London, California, Cairo and Malaysia.


    I'd love to visit India, New Zealand, New York, Costa Rica and Mexico soon.

    What languages do you speak?


    I speak fluent English, Spanish and German.


    I am also proud to be able to order a baguette in French, have a conversation about my dog in Dutch and stop a cab driver from bamboozling me in Egyptian street Arabic.

    Will you speak at my live event?


    If my calendar allows it YES. I love group and stage energy.


    My favourite crowds are people with guts and big dreams. Get in touch and tell me your why for this event and why you'd like to have me.

    How can I work with you 1:1?


    My personal coaching time is currently limited to changemakers that are interested in working in short inspiration sprints - usually one full day, online or in person. We crank out a new business model, brand personality or optimise and authentify your website copy. If you are interested, let's have a conversation.

  • Let's talk!