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The 21-Day Launch

The almost impossible product launch internship.
Munich, 8-28th February 2015.

Everybody does them, nobody enjoys them.
Most internships mean forming the very bottom of the career ladder, being the photocopy-slave, working long hours doing menial tasks and wondering when something exciting or useful is finally going to happen... You usually sign up for a 4-10 month experience in which you are promised loads of responsibility and learning opportunities and end up staring at spreadsheets the whole time... All this in exchange for a piece of paper that says you did a good job. Two weeks into the experience you can usually list the varying organisation's challenges (and potential solutions) but nobody wants to listen to them because hey.. you are just the intern. 
You pretty much drag yourself to work every day, resolving to never ever treat interns this way...
I have designed the craziest internship I could imagine. The one I wish I could have been a part of when I entered the world of online marketing, startups and showing up boldly.
As an intern I would have loved to apply the skills I had already learned in an environment where they are not just appreciated, but I am invited to play and be creative. I would have loved to be given loads of responsibility, while learning new skills that are not just applicable to the local company culture (this is how your boss likes his coffee and you better not talk to him before he has had it) but are transferable to other situations - ideally my ideal future dream work.
I would have loved to not be stuck with an internship for what felt like an eternal waste of my time.
Something short, intense and the opposite of half-baked.
Enter: the 21-day internship
Designed to bundle the best possible value into the shortest amount of time. In 21 days you get to be an active part of a full-circle online product launch, from testing the concept, to designing the solution to implementation. 
This is not easy.
In fact, it's a mini mission impossible, since launches like this usually take 3-4 months.
Before we get to how on earth are we doing this? let's talk about why we are doing it. 
Why this matters
The world is flooded with people who have great ideas, creative dreams and some-day-maybe passion projects. Way too few of them ever turn into reality.
While the technology of today allows people to launch businesses and sell stuff equipped with just a laptop and an Internet connection most people are still stuck in the land of 'I would need a huge investment, a team, a business plan and the fancy high heels to match the fabulousness of my dream... It is just not realistic.' 
More importantly, people stop themselves from ever starting because they do not believe they are good enough. They'd rather stick to the safety of their stiff and boring 9-5 arrangement than to risk dreaming up something so daring and beautiful that will require them to be brave and actually do it.
The concept I have created is an online business kit for women who have big dreams, who want to lean in, show up and strive, but don't know HOW.
The voice in their head says:
Who are you to dream so big?
Who are you to call yourself an “entrepreneur” or “business owner”?
You are way to (old/young/small/stupid/clumsy) to do that!
You will never make money with that.
Why should people care about you?
Who are you to give others advice?
In my world that is BUSINESS BULLSHIT.
Since 2011, I have worked with countless aspiring online entrepreneurs to get them from sleepless nights worrying they will make a huge fool out of themselves to successfully launching a passion project. And you know what? Most of the work is not about 'how to position myself' or 'how to write kick-ass copy that sells' - it is about finally believing that you can do it and daring to say that out loud. 
It's a positive inside job gone vocal (and ideally viral).
I want to take what I have learned over the last years and put it into a much more affordable online business kit so that more people can learn this lesson. 
The lesson of showing up confidently (without having to grow a pair or feeling like a total scam).
It shall be named:
Who THE FAQ Are You
How will the almost-impossible internship work?
You get to work hand in hand with me, Anaïs to get this baby off the ground. Here is the rough plan, which we will most definitely deviate from, improvise and make magic happen.
Week 1: Testing assumptions 
(Why. Who. What) Determine the perfect outcome we can provide for the perfect person.
Week 2: Planning the Pilot
Outlining the points we want to cover.
Deciding how to deliver the content – e-book, premium subscription service, video course.
Week 3: Pre-Launch Marketing
Announcing the project and opening the doors for a small pilot group at a heavily discounted price.
  • An open mind
  • Impeccable English skills
  • Excellent knowledge of social media and/or online marketing and/or graphic design
  • A strong desire to question the status quo and do things differently
  • The unwavering faith that work and fun can go together
  • Your own laptop
  • 21 days of time in Munich
This is for you if you..
  • Want to learn about how to shorten the learning curve and launch a product in record time
  • Work best in projects/ short intensive spurts
  • Love to find creative solutions to problems
  • Are a natural go-getter
  • You love the idea of creating a product that will help women show up in the world more powerfully
  • Can't wait to go on an almost-impossible mission
This is not for you if...
  • You are looking for a marketing internship in a traditional office setting (we will meet at my house, in cafés and go for walking meetings)
  • You are highly allergic to dogs and scared of cuddle-addicted chihuahuas (Rufus is a team member to be taken seriously)
  • You'd like to sit around for a few weeks to get something nice to put on your CV in return
  • You couldn't care less about authentic marketing or startups
  • You hate working in a team
  • You believe work is supposed to be hard
What you will get if you are in
  • A mad behind the scenes view of what goes down at Bullshit Elimination.
  • Launch tools that you are free to apply to any future passion project of your own. 
  • 21 days you will never forget.
  • The most bad-ass letter of reference you have ever received. 
For me, this is a chance... pass on what I have learned from being in business since 2011 get your valuable out-of-the-box help
... to create something really meaningful
.... and to have a REALLY good time.
If you are interested - let's talk. Send me an email and tell me why you are the perfect person for the mission.
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